The Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program (AIMEP) is a people-to-people exchange between Australia and Indonesia, sponsored by the Australia-Indonesia Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia.

Established in 2002, its purpose is to foster friendship, understanding and cooperation between the people of Australia and Indonesia.  Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim majority country, and the exchange aims particularly to build friendship and understanding by developing links between the Muslim communities of both nations.

Participants are selected from among young emerging leaders in their respective communities.  They engage in a two-week visit to the neighbouring country, where they meet with major religious organisations, universities, community groups, NGOs, government, media, and ordinary citizens going about their daily lives.

The programme has over 200 alumni from both countries, who continue to be active in a wide range of fields.  Our alumni are an important link in the rich and dynamic relationship between Australia and Indonesia.

The MEP is managed by Australia Indonesia Connections, a Melbourne-based consultancy.  Our partners in Indonesia include the Australian Embassy in Jakarta and Universitas Paramadina.

This website has now been replaced by our new site: http://www.aimep.com.au. Please head over there to find out the latest news on AIMEP and how to apply.

Also, follow us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/ausindomep


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